a Women's Self Love Retreat

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

May 25th-30th


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reclaim your power

the power to be your authentic self,

the power to follow your desires,

the power to face your challenges 

AND ULTIMATELY the strength the RISE. 


During this retreat experience, there is a beautiful balance of slowing down, reconnecting with self and tapping into Your childlike energy OF PLAY.


When we slow down, we start to feel.

When we start to feel, the healing unfolds by itself. 


You’re only job is to be open, show up and receive. 


To love ourselves, sounds so nurturing, but how do we actually do this?


Join us for a deep dive into your own personal empowerment journey where you get to come home to YOU.


This is a homecoming to your highest self.

This is your invitation to  join a sisterhood of women.


Here, you will nourish your mind, body and spirit with…

  • A peaceful beachfront retreat center

  • Lush Costa Rican jungle walks and natural scenery

  • Therapeutic massages and other healing modalities

  • Deep Healing and reprogramming 

  • Sound Baths and Cacao ceremony 

  • Healthy, organic and vibrant food

We believe sisterhood and transformation can happen so much faster if we are removed from our everyday stresses and are able to reconnect to nature.
This retreat will elevate your self-love, confidence and inner wisdom.
Think of this week like a confidence injection filled with inner peace and self-expression.
Not only will you walk away from this retreat feeling like Beyonce but you will also get a sisterhood of women who are on the same journey, sharing their stories and making lifelong friends.



Every aspect of this experience is designed to be a homecoming.

It's time to become more of who you truly are.


This will be a deep dive into the heart, into realizing that you are enough, and shedding every old story that you carry along which tells you otherwise.


Everything we desire can be accessed through the portal of your heart.


 When we allow our heart space to open, we can truly see ourself with love, acceptance and gratitude.

For this once in a lifetime retreat, Kelsey Low & Tish Steenkamp will be guiding you through a self love embodiment that will activate your highest self through meditation, sound healing, sisterhood and lush jungle nature.

Our Retreat Center...

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What other women are saying...

From the moment I stepped into the force field of love created by like minded women, I knew I was exactly where my life had led me to be. Months leading up to the retreat, I prepared myself to being 100% open and had no expectations. And over the week, I became in touch with my true self, nature and the sisterhood that was intended for me. Time heart, mind and soul grew in ways.... I am so fulfilled.

- Krystal 



Life changing. It was more than worth the price and blew all of my expectations out of the water! Friendships that will last forever were made & my self love was strengthened.

- Hannah 



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