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Feeling ALIVE

It is a social norm to be shameful of dark feelings and thoughts. We have been taught to suppress negative feelings and look on the bright side. We adapt by wearing a figurative mask that keeps us invisible. We suppress any negative stigmas or thoughts so we are not seen as the depressed one. We adapt and find ways to survive.

I was recently reminded of the fragility of life because of a friend who left too soon. Naïve and caught up, he fell into external forces to numb the pain of what was truly going on inside.

By facing feelings of all sorts, we can begin to better understand ourselves. In acknowledging feelings with authenticity, we are able to heal. We must stop labeling and judging ourselves for feeling; for in feeling, we are reminded that we are alive.

It is difficult to have drive for life while living yet feeling nothing. Forming unhealthy habits and possible dependency in order to mask the truth, it is easy to believe these external relationships are filling our voids.

The truth is we are the only ones who may help ourselves. We must commit to the life we want to live. We get to decide if we want to live or simply survive. We must feed the light and remind the people who are caught up in the darkness what it means to live.

We get to live by example. To show the ones who are lost that we are all we have. We must take each day, each moment as an opportunity to awaken. We must give reason to believe in humanity and restore faith that all are an important part of it.

I encourage you to face feelings and fear with honesty-to stop labeling and instead, find peace. To be okay with that fact that it’s okay to not always be okay. To rejoice in all feelings as evidence that we are alive.

Written by: McKenzie Raymond, Women of Evolve

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