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I am a fierce, loving woman

What makes a women? What does it mean to be successful? These are questions I was consumed with having an answer to. I felt like I had an eternal quest and realized it's because it's my passion. The answers I have found so far I accept. I also accept they will EVOLVE.

It all started summer 2014. I was working as a Corporate Sales Manager for AT&T in San Diego. I had made $50,000 in 6 months and was only 6 months out of college. I was on fire in the finance department but my emotional paycheck was sh*t. I was burnt out and was starting to not like even hearing myself complain. I’m surprised my friends didn’t tell me to shut up. I was also in a relationship I felt trapped in. I felt powerless. So imagine this, a young female that holds complete place of power in her career and was completely powerless in her relationship. I had two hats and I was putting everyone’s needs before mine.

I was miserable and decided f*ck this! There has to be more to life! That is when I decided to travel the world by empowering people through education. I quit my job where I was averaging $6,500 a month to work in Costa Rica and get paid $600 a month. For me, I knew money would always be there. I did however view it to be evil. At that moment in the winter of 2014 I hated money and believed having it meant working your life away.

I moved to Costa Rica, embraced the culture and taught people English for 6 months. I felt liberated. Free from the stress of corporate politics, free from my relationship that felt like emotional prison, and free from the expectations of fitting a masculine role in order to be a boss.

Over the two years from 2014-2016 I lived in Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Croatia. I lived there and had a job either teaching or bartending. I also did a 4 month solo backpacking trip after working a month in Croatia. I visited 15 countries over those four months. I felt powerful. Unstoppable. Enlightened.

During this amazing time of traveling and exploring I fell in love with cigarettes. Especially in Europe- sitting at an outside cafe with an espresso and a cig. I romanticised a habit that was a direct reflection of the self love I didn’t have.

March of 2017 I experienced breaking down the barriers standing in my way through extensive leadership coaching. I faced my ego, fears, doubts and pride. I realized how much I didn’t value and respect myself. Merely by the fact I chose to smoke. POISON myself daily. I decided at that moment I would NEVER smoke another cigarette again. I also decided that the joy I feel from being completely self accepting was something everyone deserves to feel and truly own. I was taking my power back by truly loving myself without the guilt of secrets.

All this empowerment I was feeling was bubbling up like a volcano of glitter. I knew I wanted to impact the world with self-love but also incorporating travel some how.

I knew why- but i had no idea how.

I had a fire burning inside me that every women deserves to know she is WORTH IT! She deserves to have the world and she deserves to shower herself with love. Everything starts from within.

I was able to become at peace with the bitterness towards money and corporate jobs and now I have love and respect for it. I now work with business owners and corporate companies in bringing balance and success. I now get to create a feminine outlet for women around the world to connect, impact, evolve and TRAVEL!

I am currently living in Visalia, California, coaching businesses and sales teams to have balance and success. I organize events and networking groups that empower people through education and community.

Lastly, I created Women of Evolve. A curated community for business minded women to share, collaborate, reflect, refer and make real connections. I designed W.E. for powerful business women to reconnect with their authentic selves, nature & their vision.

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind.

-Kelsey at Women of Evolve

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